styles variations


style variations

When custom designing a jewellery item there are many style variations that affect the total outcome of the piece. These infographics will help you get the right terminology when you arrive for you exclusive design consultation with the Beaudell jewellery designer.

the shank

There are many ways to have a snug fit around the finger the images below shows a few options. Though we are able to customise to a variety of thicknesses and widths, please keep in mind that the thinner one goes the riskier the item is for bending and small diamonds potentially falling out.

accent stones

There are multiple ways to set the accent gems on your ring like all things, they each have pros and cons to the techniques., however most of it comes down to your preference.

the collet

The way in which the center stone is set is probably the most important design element of the ring, Depending what type you use it can completely change the finished look of the ring. Just see the images below and you will notice that each of the round diamond have a different look just by changing the number and grouping of the claws or bezel. and the same with the Princess cut diamond.