What should my price range be?

Deciding on a price-range helps us at Beaudell Jewellery to source the best possible quality gemstones and diamonds for your unique design according to your specifications. We do realise that every client’s perfect engagement ring is going to be different and that not every ring calls for an enormous budget. The cost of the ring usually depends on the quality and type of gemstone used in the final design. Diamonds, sapphires or emeralds are the most expensive gems, and if chosen, will make up the majority of the total price.

The start budget for a diamond, sapphire or emerald ring starts at approximately R20 000 for an uncomplicated design. For more complicated designs with larger and better quality stones, we work with a range of supplied budgets up to a million rand. We then individually source the best largest gemstone and metal within the supplied amount. It is possible to create a ring for less, but then either the size or the quality of the gemstone will be compromised. Should you prefer to use another type of gemstone in your design, we will happily assist you in deciding which one will work best. However, please note that we do not custom-design rings for less than R5 000,00. It is also important to keep in mind that every gemstone is different and has its own trademarks. Everything from colour to where it was sourced can influence the price of the gem. The most important factor to keep in mind when looking at engagement rings is your other half’s likes and preferences – they are the one who is going to wear it, after all. We at Beaudell Designs are here to guide you and to help you find the perfect fit for your special someone.

What is the price I saw on social media?

It is important to understand that every engagement ring we design and manufacture is completely unique. We pride ourselves in delivering exclusive, special designs to every customer. This also means that stones have been sourced according to taste and price-range and so prices may slightly differ from the original design seen on our website and social media platforms. You are always more than welcome to just screenshot the design you love, and send us an email to info@beaudell.co.za for a formal quote.

How do I know my ring size?

Visiting a local jeweller and having them measure your finger professionally is by far the best way to determine your ring size. However, if you are unable to do this, you are more than welcome to use our sizing chart. Please note that this is merely a guide to help you, so we cannot be held responsible should the ring be a little too big or too small. It is always the best to try and be as accurate as possible when determining your ring size, since resizing a ring repeatedly also has consequences. To avoid having your ring resized, please do not hesitate to pop into our boutique for a free sizing.

Why doesnt my Beaudell piece look exactly like the product image?

All our pieces are locally handcrafted, which means that each product will be unique. We use high-quality materials and take great care in our manufacturing by paying attention to the smallest details, however, because each piece is individually crafted by our excellent manufacturing team, there will be slight variations in shape and size. We do try our best at being accurate, but we also believe it is these little differences that make our products special – no one will ever have the exact same accessory as you.

How is my order packed?

All online pieces for Beaudell Her are packaged in our beautiful, custom cardboard jewellery boxes. When ordering an exclusive custom-made piece, we will be sure to package your valuable gift in a custom ring box exclusivly made for Beaudell Jewellery, along with your valuation certificate and a personalised note written by your project manager

I bought someone special a gift. Can I ship it directly to them?

We would love to assist you in surprising your someone special with a custom Beaudell item. Simply provide us with their address, name and surname when placing your order.

Do you have all your online products displayed in-store as well?

At Beaudell Jewellery, we pride ourselves in specializing in unique and different designs, limiting the amount produced of each item. We make to order so often we do not have every design as shown on our online shop in our physical store. All our pieces are carefully handcrafted, by focusing on the attention to detail and precision that we pride ourselves in. We will always have new and innovative stock in our physical shop, since it is of utmost importance to us to be trend-focused and fashion-forward with our Beaudell Her range. Should you pay us a visit, and we do not have the item you were looking for, we can always custom-make it for you.

have more questions?

contact us at info@beaudell.co.za and we will glady answer any and every question you have.

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