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It has been a journey to get where we are now but we have finally settled since we’ve moved to our most current location in March 2016 and have been growing enough to be able to expand our workshop considerably since then. Beaudell Designs was established in August 2010 by Esther Boshoff after she received her Baccalaureus Technologiae degree in jewellery design and manufacturing. Esther started the company out of her student flat, recreating it into a complete office space and workshop. We have been extremely blessed, and the company has since matured into a studio of concepts, inspiration, and life. The promise of commitment and love encapsulated in our individually crafted pieces inspires us as a company to create timeless accessories, which can be seen as a legacy for future generations.

September 2014, Beaudell Jewellery video done by Sovereign  Films, photography by JC Clickmodel Seline van der Wat from Master Chef SA, make-up by Beautiful Change & music by Tristan Coetzee from December Streets. Location: Beaudell’s first premises and Pretoria Zoo.



With passionate customer service, we vow to impart a personal touch with each quality-focused item we produce, combining the beauty of simplicity with the elegance of detail. For us, it’s all about your journey and we see it as a blessing that we can become part of your story. Our rings are much more than melded pieces of metal and jewels, but rather, items that signify your commitment and love to one another.

We aim to create timeless pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. These pieces are pristine treasures that are given life, to hold together a deep promise. The blueprints of our pieces speak of selfless devotion and eternal commitment. The rough edges of an unpolished ring are shaped with care and perfection to create the perfect inheritable piece for the nostalgic-at-heart.

Our certified diamonds are sourced through the correct channels to ensure quality and excellence. This certificate of authentication is to document that your inheritable item has been carefully examined by our qualified diamond and manufacturing experts – with precision tools and trained eyes to ensure that you get the best there is to offer. We pride ourselves on being a member of The Jewellery Council of South Africa.



Beaudell Jewellery specialises in custom jewellery, our forte being engagement and wedding rings for both ladies and gents. We source pristine diamonds which we show to our clients in an exclusive diamond viewing where you get to choose your perfect stone. After the diamond is selected, we move on to finalizing the design. This is where you form part of the process by sitting with our designer in a design consultation and get to tweak around until you are satisfied. You get to see a digital rendered video and images of the ring with your selected diamond at all angles to ensure you are happy. Once confirmed and satisfied the item is then manufactured to perfection.

For us, it’s about your journey and the blessing that we can become part of it. We will not hesitate to design and manufacture the most remarkable piece your significant other will ever dream of and we will cherish the possibility of being part of your story.