meet the team

Meet Esther


The owner and founder of Beaudell Jewellery. Esther started designing and manufacturing engagement rings in 2010 with a passion to provide a personal and unique touch with each handcrafted quality item by focusing on the beauty of simplicity and the elegance of detail.

Esther handles all our custom-design appointments. She has mastered the art of Matrix CAD design, which makes these meetings so much more special since she designs while the client meets with us, ensuring that we bring your ideal ring to life.

Her positive attitude and innovative mindset make her the ultimate boss lady, inspiring all her employees daily.

Meet Lizanne


Lizanne has a heart of gold, so it is only fitting that she is the manager of Beaudell Jewellery.

Lizanne started with the team in 2017 as the Beaudell project manager. Since then she has been promoted to Manager. Lizanne is the go-to girl when enquiring about one of our custom-made jewellery items. She has an eye for detail and makes sure all our pieces are of the highest quality and standard.



Meet Cherise


Cherise is the latest member to join our Beaudell Team as a Sales Consultant. Her friendly attitude and professional demeanour make her loved by everyone.

Cherise handles all our online orders and men’s rings, making sure all items are delivered as soon as possible, and ensuring all our clients are happy. She is never without a smile, and always willing to go the extra mile.


Meet Sylvester


One of our lead Manufacturing Jewellers. Sylvester is a kind and gentle soul, with an eye for detail and perfection.

His duties and expertise include hand manufacturing custom-made items from various precious metals, the resizing of jewellery items, as well as doing quality control.

He is a hardworking and dedicated individual, who is always willing to help.

Meet Tebogo


A talented Manufacturing Jeweller and valued member of our team.

Tebogo, also known as Tazz, works closely with Sylvester and Belinda to ensure all our jewellery items are of excellent quality.

His duties and expertise include hand manufacturing custom-made items from various precious metals as well as setting our precious gems and diamonds when needed. Never without a smile, his bubbly personality makes every day feel like a Friday at the office.

Meet Belinda


The mommy of the team. Always trendy, always beautiful. Belinda is also one of the Manufacturing Jewellers in our workshop.


Her duties and expertise include hand manufacturing custom-made items from various precious metals. Her attention to detail, new ideas and sparkly personality are just a few of the reasons why we love her.

Meet Richard


Richy, Rich, our super talented and amazing in-house setter. Richard has a great eye for detail, and he delivers impeccable quality when it comes to the setting of our rings. His laid-back personality, jokes and funny sayings are just one of the reasons as to why we adore him.

Richard also has a background in manufacturing, that skill, combined with the setting of all our custom-made items makes him the perfect addition to the team.

Meet Lungile


Lungile, or Lu as we like to call him, is our in-house designer. This is the guy who helps bring your perfect ring to life. His dedication and devotion to each design makes him a valuable member of the Beaudell Team. Concentration and Focus are Key in this position, and he manages to always deliver, with a big smile on his face.

Meet Zanel


The beautiful face behind our stunning social media platforms. Zanel or Zani as we prefer to call her is an angel from above. She handles and manages all our social media schedules, content creation, newsletters and campaigns.

Her creativity and dedication to the art of graphic design makes her the perfect lady for this job. She is always bubbling over with happiness and new ideas, ensuring that we keep up with the latest trends in Marketing.

Meet Chanelle


Chanelle is an Industrial Design student who decided to do her internship at our studio. She is a very humble, sophisticated individual who never backs down from a challenge. She is always willing to help, and she takes initiative when needed. We are so lucky to have her on our team!