finding your ring size

The best and most accurate way to get your finger size is to pop by any jewellery shop that can measure it with a ring sizer kit
(you can drop by Beaudell’s studio for us to take your ring size)– But, however we get that this can delay the
shopping process so here are some other options you could try at home. 


If you have a ring with the correct size

Make sure your ring with the perfect fit is completely round, with no oval or square shapes.
This can happen when it is dropped, or when picking up something heavy or just over time losing its shape.
Put the ring lying down on a ruler or take a Vernier, measuring the inside diameter and take a picture, or convert the size into a UK ring size.

If you don't have a ring with the correct size
  • Take a piece of stiff cardboard, plastic (something like a laminated paper plastic or a flip file)
    or thick wire made into the width of the new ring and wrap it around the finger.
  • String is too flimsy so avoid using it as the takes the shape of your finger.
  • Mark the exact spot where the ends joinWith a ruler, measure the length from end to end.
  • After you have measured the length, tape it together and put it on the finger.
    Don’t push or squeeze it to get it onto the finger. You won’t be able to this with a real ring.
    Make sure it fits over the knuckle.
  • Use the standard chart below to find the correct size

Standard Ring Sizes


X-Small (G, G½,H, H½,I, I½)
Small (J, J½, K, K½, L, L½)
Medium (M, M½, N, N½, O, O½)
Large (P, P½, Q, Q½)
X-Large (R, R½, S, S½, T)


Small (O, O-, P, P-, Q, Q- )
Medium (R, R-, S, S-, T, T- )
Large (U, U-, V, V-, W, W-)
X – Large (X, X-, Y, Y-, Z, Z-)

Chain Lengths
Silver pendant chains: 42cm, 45cm, 50cm, and 60cm.
Gold pendant chains: 45cm and 50cm.

Did the above methods help? You’re now ready to check sizing and order your Beaudell Jewellery treasure.
Note: We use the UK ring size so when placing an order please convert and provide us with the correct
format to avoid the wrong ring size.