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Financing your Investment

Beaudell Diamonds is now offering an extraordinary opportunity for clients to help finance their investment purchase with Beaudell. What sets this opportunity apart is its distinction from traditional hire-purchase arrangements involving depreciating assets with a limited term of use. Unlike committing to a 5-year hire-purchase for a temporary possession, this is an enduring investment with the potential to be paid off over 3 months or 30 years. Furthermore, clients now have the option to keep the specifications of the desired design and size of their chosen stone, allowing them to stay true to their partner's expectations.

Bespoke Crafted Jewellery

Beaudell Diamonds introduces a touch of luxury to the local market through the creation of exquisitely custom-designed and crafted jewelry. We take pride in delivering world-class service, with an unwavering focus on exemplary customer satisfaction, positioning Beaudell as a premier bespoke designer and manufacturer of luxury jewelry, as well as a leading supplier of diamonds in South Africa. Whether you are a valued individual client or represent a distinguished company, we assure you of receiving the utmost in service and the highest quality of investment from us. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail drives our confidence within the industry.

Engagement Rings

Creating luxurious tailored made and inheritable jewellery pieces.


Wedding Bands

Let us design you the perfect wedding band to compliment your engagement ring.

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Bespoke & Custom Made


At Beaudell Jewellery we specialize in creating delicate, inheritable jewellery pieces for both men and women. We strive to create timeless pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. Our passion is to provide a personal and unique touch with each handcrafted quality item by focusing on two keywords – precision and perfection.

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Beaudell Him


A collection of custom made rings, perfect for any occasion!

We work with a variety of metals and materials such as Titanium, Tungsten Carbide and Carbon Fiber.

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