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2022’s Biggest Wedding Trends

2022’s Biggest Wedding Trends - From Digital Registries to Alternative Dresses & Sustainability. Here is everything you need to know.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic can be daunting and overwhelming. 2021 was a rough year for most couples. Wedding dates had to be postponed, dates had to be changed and some couples had to put everything on hold altogether.  

During these difficult times, couples had to take a step back and consider what’s important to them and why they are tying the knot in the first place. We have seen a surge of weddings that are inherently smaller, more intimate and meaningful. One might even go so far as to say that the pandemic forced us to go back to basics. Couples are creating their own traditions, wearing whatever they want, and we are loving this shift!

Here is what you need to know about these trends:


Digital Wedding Invitations

This is not a new thing, however, planning a wedding during a pandemic is tricky. We have seen a shift away from printed invitations, and more couples are embracing the digital wedding invitations trend. It has been convenient for a lot of couples to change the wedding date should that be necessary. And, bonus, you save a lot by not having to reprint all of your printed invitations!


Mixed-gendered & odd-numbered wedding parties

Finally! Ladies & Gentlemen, your 2022 wedding is all about YOU and what YOU want. Why include someone just to balance out the numbers? This year is all about including friends & family members you value in your wedding party - no matter the number or gender. Ladies, ask your best bud to get up there with you! #wesupportthis

The rise of digital wedding registries

Let’s be honest, most couples live together prior to the wedding, so they do not need another kettle or toaster. They need one thing - MONEY. That might sound a bit harsh, but we definitely see a rise in this trend. It may seem impersonal and awkward to ask for money instead of a gift, and that is why these registries became so popular. By doing so, this allows the couple to communicate what they will be using the cash for. And, let's be honest, there is nothing better than contributing to the start of forever, especially when it comes to the union of close friends or relatives.

Elopements & Intimate Weddings

As the pandemic continues to disrupt our plans, we see a rise in small & intimate weddings. Eloping has also been another trend. Couples are scaling down, and celebrating their day even without all of the extras. There has been a major focus on the act of getting married instead of the wedding day itself.

Reinventing Traditions

Couples are no longer investing time, energy and money into “traditions” because it is the right thing to do. These new elements will differ from couple to couple, however a few examples include:

  • Mum walking down the aisle (We LOVE this!)
  • No more wedding parties or mismatched, gender wedding parties
  • Personal vows full of laughter rather than full romance
  • No cake cutting, bouquet toss or first dance
  • Getting ready together in the morning


Magnificent & Impactful Florals

Statement flowers or floral arrangements have always been a key feature in weddings. Come 2022, we are expecting to see couples investing more of their budget in high impact floral arrangements.


Alternative Wedding Dresses

Say goodbye to the traditional white wedding dress, and make way for something different. Brides have decided to embrace their very own style and showcasing this in their wedding attire. Think Bridgerton, puff sleeves, cut-out detailing and a twist on classic designs.

We have also seen jumpsuits making a dramatic entrance as preference over wedding dresses. Personally, this one is a favorite of ours. We love seeing women embracing their day and wearing whatever makes them feel like a queen.



This one is no shocker. It’s the way of the future and we are so happy to see more and more couples making eco-friendly choices on their wedding day. This may include supporting local businesses when it comes to buying gifts, hiring a wedding dress, recycling and using cleaner products for hair and make up.


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