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Diamonds 101

The dream of ‘Beaudell’ was started with the single goal of one day designing custom made jewellery that brought joy and happiness to each individual customer. That dream has since evolved and become so much more than a simple hope.

It is brought to life every time an exclusive piece is designed and carefully crafted, every time a customer’s eyes light up at the perfected end result. It is this rewarding feeling that motivates us, and it’s the love of this process that sets Beaudell apart.

When it comes to deciding on the details of your exclusive design, you may feel overwhelmed and bombarded with choice and expectations. Don’t let this deter you – we’re here to help!

“What should I expect to pay?” is the starting point for most people. However, the price is often determined by what you’re looking for. So we’d suggest you think about all the options out there. A diamond, still the most inheritable piece in jewellery for this natural phenomenon can withstand a lot more than any other material used in jewellery today. However diamonds, may be known as a girl’s best friend, but a gemstone to some is more trendy and different or sentimental. So, whatever material you choose, we customise and create with your guidance to make sure the ring is a great representation of your personality and style.

If your ultimate choice is still like ours, the natural diamond, the first thing to consider are the four C’s– clarity, carat, cut and colour. With our sit down diamond viewing we explain and show the differences in each of these elements that ultimately make up the final price and give you an opportunity to decide which one works the best for you and your significant other. .We understand that knowing these element well and will bring you that much closer to finding your perfect fit.

This years trending alternative to the traditional diamond is a Morganite, its pink hue makes it the perfect match for a blushing bride. Other options that have risen in popularity this year are pearls, tourmaline, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Take the time to explore these options as well, you may find something more suited to your pocket!

When researching the price of an engagement ring many people don’t know where to start. You often hear that it needs to be three times your monthly salary and incorporate a bonus amount too! This tradition originated when the women was made a promise for marriage and therefore to be supported, and then should something happen to the betrothed she will be able to support herself for three months by selling the ring. However, Take a deep breath; as this isn’t necessarily always the modern case- remember that like every person, every engagement ring is unique, and despite the fact that the ring is significant to a promise made it also has developed into a portrayal of one’s unique expression of your personality and relationship. Therefore the price you would like to spend will determine the materials used in order to create the style you like, the type of stone you’d like to use and what material this stone will be set in.

We at Beaudell would love to join you on this journey, drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your designs and together we’ll make the perfect team.


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